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The Goddess within and a dedication to the Goddess

The triple moon is a Goddess

Reclaiming the Goddess Within

by Nagarani ( from Harrison Maine USA)

All women are born goddesses. By undertaking a personal journey to reclaim her true essence, every woman may fully realize the goddess within. We must consciously strip off the layers of shame, guilt, anger, and need, to find our naturally flowing, radiant stream of love, compassion, creative power, bliss, and nurturing within. This may sound to be a daunting task but it is possible. I am a living example.In the morning, when I awake at 7am, my first thought is the enthusiastic affirmation: I am an embodiment of divine love. My second thought is: How may I express the many dimensions of my love today? For days at a time I feel divine bliss tingle through my being like the sensations first awakened by true love. I am confident in my purpose for living: To bring love to the world as the embodiment of Shakti. In each moment I enthusiastically create new dimensions of loving expression. I create the world around me and feel joy like a swelling orgasm in my body. This sounds wonderful, and it is, but you may be wondering how you may get there. Was I born special? Is this even possible for others? The answers are yes and yes. Each of us is born special, with the freshness and bliss of divinity coursing through us like rivers in the springtime. So, what happened? Our environment, family and social interactions condition us to become human, causing us to lose our divinity along the way. I have not always reveled in the stream of bliss and felt gratitude to be alive, quite the contrary. It’s taken a lot of work to discover and reclaim my inner goddess.

A dedication to the Goddess ritual
Written by Morrighan)0(

Sometimes we come to a point where we have walked with a specific Goddess for a while and feel we wish to dedicate to Her
No you do not need another you can do this yourself as it is in truth about your relationship with the Goddess
You may choose to use all or some or none of this, it is all up to you but the more you write your own the better, after all the Goddess wants to hear you not a copy cat of another.

Also a note your dedication can be very simple with just a candle and incense, or it can be more elaborate as I have out here.

Dedicating yourself to a specific Goddess

Have candles and incense of what honors the Goddess
herbs oils etc and Her offering
Also you may want sacred or consecrated water

When is the ideal time for dedicating oneself

New moon at the first crescent, during the waxing and even full moon.

You may or may not cast a circle ...It is your choice and what you feel.

Prepare yourself
Prepare your room area cleansing it
Ground and center
With your wand
Begining in the East

I cast now this magick circle of light and love
I charge now this circle with power
In perfect love in perfect trust
Circle is cast in three
Bound by love so mote it be!

Call forth - invite the elements as you do light each candle begin in the East
You may use your own quarter calls if you so choose

I have different ones depending on what I am doing

Hail Powers of the East, Element of Air, Breath of Life
Come join with me in a new begining of sacred dedication
Bless now my mind in consecrated focus
So mote it be

Hail Powers of the South Element of Fire
Come join with me in sacred dedication
Grant me courage and boldness to ever be true
As I dedicate with heart and will
So mote it be

Hail Powers of the West Element of Water, Ruler of emotion
Come with your peace and join with me in sacred dedication
Fill me now with thy love
So mote it be

Hail Powers of the North Element of Earth,
Come join with me in sacred dedication
May I be firmly rooted and faithful in my dedication
So mote it be

Evoke your Goddess and welcome Her
Know Her names and characteristice.
You should already know this when dedicating to a Goddess
You may have a poem something from your heart
Her charge
Your dedication in your own words
You may want to dip your finger in the water
make a pentacle or even)0( symbol on your forehead
Up to you

Libation offer and partake fo libation share the rest with her after ritual.

Also what you have called forth and eracted must be reversed and released

Thank the Goddess
Then release and thank the elements begin in the north
Rel;ease the circle begin in the north

This circle has served its purpose
Thrice a round I reverse it now
So mote it be

Next year Nov 16th at the witching hour when I reddicate or renew my commiment to Morrighan I will also invite the fae in the call of the elements for they love ritual and Morrighan is also associated with the fae.

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